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Pattarumadom Ayurveda carries the name of an illustrious family deeply rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition for more than a century. Our founder, The late Ittyachan Vaidyan was a well acknowledged Physician of repute and he, inspired by the public acclaim, established and developed the Clinic as a Centre of specialized treatments for Rheumatic disorders in 1961.
Our Founder

Sri KV Ittyachan Vaidyan Our founder and guiding spirit. He was a well acknowledged Physician of repute.

The Heritage of Healing

What makes us unique?

Pattarumadom - The Heritage of Healing has now emerged as an authentic and promising treatment center for Rheumatic ailments as well as other chronic ailments, under the stewardship of his son Vaidyavachaspathi Dr. K.I Varghese DAM(Integrated), an eminent Physician,who started his career in 1960.

What we are doing

The tradition continues under Dr Shaji Varghese BAMS, Managing Director and renowned Physician in Ayurveda with vast experience in traditional Ayurvedic treatments, Panchakarma, Kerala special treatments, Body massage procedures and alternative therapies. Today this Temple of healing enjoys the goodwill and credibility of the 100 year old Pattarumadom way of Ayurveda treatment. A Destination for Preventing illness, Restoring health and Preserving life.