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Auto Immune diseases

By Dr. Shaji Pattarumadom
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Autoimmune diseases are disorders in which the body's immune system reacts against some of its own tissue and produces antibodies to attack itself.

The immune system is a network of organs, cells and molecules that work together to defend the body against attacks by foreign (not of the body) invaders such as germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

In general terms, when antibodies are directed against the body's own cell an autoimmune disorder can result.

Autoimmune disorders  are classified into two types, organ-specific (directed mainly at one organ like pancreas, thyroid gland etc.) and non-organ-specific (widely spread throughout the body like rheumatoid arthritis).



Everything in the universe, including food and our body are derived from the five elements. So a fundamental harmony exists between the universe and the individual. The human body is in a state of continuous dynamic equilibrium. The Panchabhoothas are represented in the human body as the Tridoshas, Sapthadhathus and Trimalas.


The Dhathus are the body constituents that form the basic structure of the body, each one having its own function.

Malas are  waste products of  food and the Dhathus produced during the normal digestive and metabolical process.

The biological fire that governs digestion and absorption of food, cellular transformations, assimilation of sensory perceptions and mental and emotional experiences. Agni therefore covers whole sequences of chemical interactions and changes in the body and mind. The heat energy to help digestion contained by Pitha is Agni. In every tissue and cell Agni is present and is necessary for maintaining the nutrition and auto-immune mechanism by destroying micro-organisms, foreign bacteria and toxins in the stomach and the intestines.

When these Thridoshas are disturbed due to improper food habits, lack of exercise, improper sleep, in brief improper daily practices, stress, environmental toxins, abuse of alcohol and use of tobacco, organisms like bacteria and virus and also use of certain drugs- loses equilibrium. Gradually the digestive fire will be impaired which results in destruction of the dhathus.

Finally leads to the  destruction of the immune system.

This results in the formation of AMA an endotoxin which disturbs the metabolism and afflicts all the tissues and makes them susceptible for many diseases.

The deflection from normalcy of Ojus the essence of all the tissues and vitiation of Kapha contribute towards the manifestation of auto immune disorders.


1.To normalize digestion and metabolism.

2. To reduce symptoms.

3. To correct the immune system

4. Maintain the  body’s ability to fight diseases with life style changes.


1. Medicines to correct digestion and metabolism

2. Panchakarma procedures to cleanse and detoxify the system.

3. Physical therapies.

4. Rasayana therapies to balance the immunity.

5. Administration of effective internal medicines.

6. Diet food

7. Counseling

8. Life style management


About the Author
Dr.Shaji Varghese, Pattarumadom Ayurveda

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