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Role Of Food in Health diseases

By Pattarumadom Ayurveda
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Role Of Food In health &Disease

Various system of the human body can be compared with the complex,automatic and the most powerful machinery.Due to the greatest co-Operation and co.ordination among them keeps the body components in equilibrium.Similar to a meachine,human body also requires fuel in the form of food to give nourishment and to lead happy and long life,provided the  natural dietietic rules are observed.acharyas of Ayurveda have quoted that intake of food sleep and observance of celibacy are the three supporters of life.Among theses three,food plays a major role  in health and disease.Acharya charaka has greatly emphaised the importance of wholesome food in maintaining the positive health and unwholesome one for manifestation of various disorders,On critical analysis,it is observed that morethan 50 percent of the causative factors related to food are responsible for the production of different diseases conditions.hence the authorities of Ayurveda have prescribed certain rules related to diet and dietetic.harry Benjamin also opined that it is impossible to drive the maximum amount of benfit from the food taken,if one comes to a meal in hurry,worry,nervy or over tored. In view of the painful diseases with  irregular dieting,a wise person who has control over his senses should take whole some food in proper quantity and in proper time,this is a golden rule for all and ever



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