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By Pattarumadom Ayurveda
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HEMANTHA is early winter November  - December and December  - January

SISIRA is extreme   winter  January  - February and February  - March

HEMANTHACHARYA ( Seasonal regimen)

In Hemantha the cold atmosphere brings about blockade to the dissipation of body heat which in turn increases the digestive power in strong men. In the sense, the cold atmosphere increases metabolism in our body to tide over the outside cold, this increases the need for food, this accelerates digestion. But in the absence of adequate fuel  ( food supplements ) , this strong digestive fire persuaded by VAYU, breaks down body tissues. So in Hemantha, it is advisable to consume MADHURA (sweet ), AMLA ( sour ) and LAVANA ( salty ) rasas.

During this period, as the duration of the night is long, one feels hungry in the early morning itself. So after attending the primary requisites, the following regimes are logically adhered to  ABHYANGA ( oil embrocation, ) MURDHATHAILA ( oil application on head ), VIMARDANA ( body massage with palms ) with oil prepared by drugs which pacify VATHA.

After doing exercises, one should take bath using powders of drugs with kashayarasa  (astringent ) to remove the oil applied on the body. After that apply paste of saffron and musk on the body and fumigate with agar.

The dishes that can be consumed during this season are meat soup topped with ghee, meat of healthy animals, beverages prepared with molasses

 and rice flour, pastries prepared using wheat, rice flour ,black gram,  sugarcane juice and milk products which are delicious and nourishing, fresh rice, sesame oil and marrow.

Using hot water for toiletry purposes, wrapping the body with warm, light blankets, taking rest on bed covered with special sheets named PRAVARA ( cotton garment ), AJINA ( hide of antelope etc. ), KOUSEYA ( silk cloth ), PRAVENI ( braided woolen garment ) and KOUTHAPA, basking in the sun judiciously, sudation and wearing shoes are also advised.

The embrace of loving, young women with robust thighs, ample bosom and prominent hips, who are provocatively passionate and warm, have anointed saffron all over and have fumigated with fragrant drugs like agar will keep out cold.

One who stays in an underground cellar, warmed with burning charcoal at the hearth wil never be affected adversely by the intense cold of Hemantha rithu.

The same protocol is followed during Sisira rithu .


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