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Life Style Modification

By Dr.Shaji Varghese
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If we have chosen the best Doctor and best Hospital, are we assured of maximal healing? The answer is a clear NO, because all external drugs and procedures have to work through the ‘Internal Pharmacy’ of healing chemicals produced inside our body.

Invoking this internal healing power is called LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION. If we are skillful in invigorating the internal healing chemicals, our need for external drug is minimized.

Mother nature prepares best foods for human bodies and it is your choice how you will eat them. Appetites are learned and must consciously and conscientiously see the intelligence within. 

Be natural, eat simple, eat the ‘common man’s’ diet and avoid packaged, sweetened, canned foods that might taste good, but are thieves that rob you of your natural vibrant health.


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Dr.Shaji Varghese

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