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Role of Ayurveda among IT Professionals

By Dr.Shaji Varghese
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IT industry today plays a vital role in the revenue of a country. At the same time adversely affects the health of the individual who works for this industry.

Long working hours, prolonged sitting, interaction with visual display unit and lack of adequate exercise are the main causes which produce different health problems in software professionals.

Eye strain, general fatigue, neck pain, back pain, head ache, body ache, stomach problem, blood pressure etc. are the primary difficulties they face. Proper rest break, physical exercise, adequate sleep, and relaxation are beneficial strategies to solve these health problems. But only minority follows this strategy and in majority these primary difficulties end in different diseases. Refractive error, Acid peptic disease, Migraine, Cervical spondylitis, Low back pain, Hypertension andmany other ailments affect these individuals.


Ayurveda describes 3 fundamental universal energies which regulate all natural processes. These 3 energies are known as Thridoshas. Ayurveda assists nature by promoting harmony between individuals and nature by living a life of balance according to her laws. It recognizes the unique constitutional differences of all individuals and therefore recommends different regimens for different types of people.

Disease free condition is the best source of virtue, wealth, gratification etc. while the disease is destroyer of this source, welfare and life itself.

Ayurveda emphasizes on Daily and Seasonal regimen which describes practices like daily food, seasonal food, exercise, cleanliness etc. to promote health and prevent diseases. Apart from these regimen this science of life provides different wellness as well as therapeutic procedures.

Relaxation massage provides a passive form of exercise, even for those who cannot perform active physical exercise. Massage along with steam helps to eliminate the waste materials accumulated in the neuromuscular junctions.

Sirodhara and Thakradhara, therapies applied over head helps to reduce stress, migraine, insomnia etc.

Eye strain can be managed with effective treatments like Tharpanam Aschyothanam etc.

For Cervical spondylitis, Low back pain and soft tissue lesions there are very effective remedies such as Pindaswedam, Kateevasthi etc. in Ayurveda.

Diet food and internal medication helps to manage diseases of the digestive system like Acid peptic disease.

For diseased, Ayurveda recommends life style changes also for complete restoration.

Ayurvedic protocol comprehensive of external therapies, internal medication and diet food helps to cure most of the dreaded diseases affecting the professionals in IT industry.

About the Author
Dr.Shaji Varghese, Pattarumadom

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