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In the quiet of the village, all that breaks the silence is the crooning of the birds. Or the cone shell call from the temple from across the paddy fields. The heavy traffic in the evening is not that of the vehicles rushing but of the flock of the birds, flying their way home against a red sky. Or the soothing manthras reverberating in the corridors. You could think for a moment you are on a much sought after vacation.
Why Pattarumadom Ayurveda?

Welcome to the Pattarumadom Ayurveda. Situated in a typical Kerala village on the banks of a waterway, the Pattarumadom Ayurveda has the best ambience for the treatment of Rheumaic diseases. Situated at 6km from the Cochin International Airport and 5km from the Angamaly railway station, the Pattarumadom Ayurveda has the best of both worlds : easy connectivity and village air.

Feel like taking a walk in the evening?

Hit the village ways, amid the fruit bearing trees, thatched- roof houses, where village innocence is writh large on every face. Accomodation facility includes:

Ac and non Ac spacious rooms at Pattarumadom Ayurveda have all modern facilities such as Television, Telephone, Internet, Hot and cold water. Take stroll on the lawns of the Pattarumadom Ayurveda itself. Or spend your time in the reading room going through the periodicals or educate yourself on Ayurveda and ancient Indian knowledge schemes from the precious volumes.

The treatment rooms are well equiped with all required facilities. Feel a fine discharge of energy through the fingertips of the practitioner. The soothing ‘manthras’ will allow your body to relax.

Ayurveda counts a lot on diet in the fight against diseases. So the food strictly vegetarian, will be served at the cafetaria.